Chris Zydel: Finding the courage to wake up

_DSC0128.JPGDid you know there are different ways to feel? You can ‘feel’ with your brain or you can ‘feel’ with your whole body. The difference is like seeing the world in black-and- white versus experiencing the full spectrum of colors.

Full-color feeling requires you fully open your heart. Most people are automatically resistant to this opening process. It takes a great deal of courage, and demands vulnerability. And yet you deny yourself all the spark and vibrancy life has to offer when you stay closed.

Chris Zydel offers an intuitive painting class — helping people reconnect to their core through creative expression. Art is a wonderful way to bypass the analytical part of our brain and access our own intuitive intelligence.

Sometimes you can analyze a problem to death and it still remains unsolved. Sometimes ‘talking it out’ can’t heal a traumatic experience. The tools Chris uses today with her clients are the same tools she has used herself throughout her own journey of transformation and healing.

“If it just happens in your mind, that is not enough to effect any permanent change,” Chris says.

As human beings we have a body, mind and soul. Addressing only one level won’t get you far. You literally have to feel it in your bones.

How can we move toward feeling in full-color? Engage your creativity, even if you don’t feel that you are ‘traditionally’ creative. Turn to painting, writing, playing an instrument or any other activity that opens your innermost sanctum.

I believe we already know unconsciously why we are resistant to the creative process. It’s scary; we can’t control it; it leads us somewhere we have never been and we may not want to go, but where we need to go. Chris has guided and witnessed many journeys into the land of the unknown. And she knows the incredible power those journeys hold.

You can find her on Facebook or Twitter or you visit her website.

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