Cancer is the extreme need to grow.

I didn’t make this up. Forgot where I read it. But it is soooo true. In conventional medicine we diagnose, we operate , we radiate, we administer chemo. Have you been asked about your life? Maybe about nutrition or smoking or alcohol. That’s about it, right?

Do you drown in fear? Fear about life, fear about death. You are probably wrapped in fear. The only emotion left.

What happens in your body? All our emotions are connected to body reactions. We take it as given. Think about it! When fear dominates you, your immune system shuts down. Normal cancer treatment with chemo and radiation destroys your immune system anyway, but you do it yourself even more. Fear leads to overworked adrenals, leads to fight or flight response. On a body level the switch back to rest is broken. You can repair it. It takes some time, but it works.

I don’t know if you realize that our environment elevates our anxiety level. We are told the world is crashing down on us every other day. People around us are scared, very few are relaxed. Stick with them.

Back to cancer. Once you get a grip on your fears you can see.

This is not about blame. Blaming someone outside or inside. This is about responsibility for your life, your emotions, your relationships, everything. Somewhere along the road you handed it outside. Maybe you have been to young, maybe you were afraid, maybe you couldn’t take it. Now is the time to call it back.

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