Can a liver detox boost your creativity?

As an entrepreneur, you must manage your time and your energy. Sometimes you’re successful; sometimes not so much. And sometimes you reach a point where you just feel stuck.

We tend to see our stuck-ness as something in our brain. We try to find the pattern, cause or reason that’s creating the obstacle. We try to “think” our way back to forward movement. What do you do when that doesn’t work?

Beyond the rational level, there is also your body to consider. Your body is like a finely tuned machine, acting and reacting to changes of consciousness.

The next time you feel stalled or stuck, observe yourself. You’ll probably notice that over time your diet has changed. Maybe you’ve moved away from healthy, fresh and green food towards more starchy or sugar-laden meals. Maybe you’ve increased your coffee intake. It’s so very normal: unconsciously we try to remedy our sluggishness with caffeine and sugar hoping our drive comes back.

But it doesn’t. Not until we move our body and switch our diet back to healthy foods, maybe adding a green smoothie here and there.

A few weeks ago, I was in that place exactly. And I didn’t even notice what was going on. Yes, indigestion crept up on me. Yes, I felt slower than usual and I couldn’t make decisions. It took me forever to implement even the slightest changes in my work.

That’s when it dawned on me – I had shifted away from my healthy diet and daily activity. (So yes, it even happens to me!) And it took me a while to notice it.

Why did I tolerate indecision and lethargy? It just happened over time; it crept up on me.

So at the end of January I started a liver detox regimen that I repeated every month until my liver cleared itself of stones. The effect was stunning. After the very first round, my drive was back. It took mere seconds to make decisions with clarity and confidence – the decisions I had been battling with for days!

Chinese Medicine teaches that the liver is an organ of transformation and provides us with creative energy. There’s a lot of punch behind this. We tend to forget that the liver is THE center of our metabolism and we need to take good care of it. And the gallbladder, attached to the liver, is said to be responsible for our ability to decide.

When you need to get ‘unstuck’, don’t try to think your way out. Be conscious about the fuel you use for your body and your mind and your soul!

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  • Stuart Gardner-Vaughan

    Good reminder – thank you 🙂 Tiny, can you suggest a good liver detox program to follow that effective but not too brutal?

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