By day’s end you might not feel you spent the day well as much as it spent everything you had.

If you’re like many of the people whom I serve, you want to feel whole but you feel broken. You want to serve others, but you’ve forgotten how to serve yourself. You want to feel alive and healthy, but you’ve forgotten how to choose what’s best for you.

Depleted and scattered, you are easy prey for illness and misguidance.

More tests, more pills, more authoritative opinions leave you more confused.

What if your path to wholeness resided with your learning again how to trust your core and choose what’s best for you on every step?

It’s possible.

Your core is not a fuzzy metaphor. Your core is an actual center that resides within the mind-body continuum that gives you signals to detect disharmony, what’s the source of the disharmony, and what your best choice is to bring your mind, body, relationships, work, and life into wholeness.

You can learn to choose from your core again.

This is where I come in. My name is Dr. Tiny and I help seekers to restore their self- trust and wholeness. Being whole again is what healing is about.

Being whole means

replenishing your reserves of energy
choosing to say no when called for
attending to your needs
living in harmonious relationships
choosing to support your body
and ultimately listening to your core and follow its guidance.


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Spirituality and medicine belong together. For me, everything is related.

What if you could loose your symptoms for good?


My system is the BEING WHOLE APPROACH because we address every level of your being.

Your body – alleviating symptoms though nutrition, exercise
Your mind – finding and addressing the course of your disease
Your spirit – relating to your family and friends, understanding your role in your whole family system
making peace with it

Your core – finding and integrating knowledge & wisdom for your self-trust and decision making.


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Get InTune

An intuition-based approach to making tough choices
A workshop for people ready to trust themselves again

What this is
Making tough decisions can actually be more easeful when we’re connected to your wholeness.

You likely make tough decisions every week. Where will your child go to school? How should you heal your illness? How should you deal with this relationship? You can get trapped in a decision loop. You weigh your options, list the pros and cons, second-guess yourself. The decision loop often leaves you feeling scattered and compromised.

What if yo could stop second-guessing yourself and start tuning into and trusting our core?

The way to such clarity and self-trust is by returning to a resource deep within you yet readily available: your intuition.

Your intuition is not some wishy-washy faculty. It’s a wisdom faculty. Intuition is a deeply felt inner knowing that the most successful and fulfilled people have cultivated. And you also can tune into it as your central decision-making faculty.

In this dynamic and interactive workshop, we will each identify a tough choice we want to make. Then we will learn how to outsmart the brain to trust our senses again. We learn to trust our feelings and our true core as a guiding light for making tough choices.

During our time together, you will learn:
• how to pay attention to potential disharmony
• how to identify the source of that disharmony related to your tough choice
• how to make a choice from your core space of self-trust


What people say

My takeaways: (1) The workshop enabled us to connect at a level that can take years to reach in the secular world. (2) I realized the untapped intuitive power of my meditation practice. I was able to connect with a sense of perception and belonging equal to or greater than anything before. (3) I had fun! Stretching myself to be more creative and open to broader intuitive realms.
Peter Mellen, Washington D.C.

Everything Peter said plus I loved how it created grounded space away from brain chatter to allow my heart, body, and spirit to be heard and shared.
Sherrie Farrell, Colorado

For the first time I gave my intuition the time to land. Seeing the things I felt in pictures was a joy.
Alan Miledge, Great Britain
Who am I

My name is Dr. Tiny Jaentsch. I am a rather unconventional doctor with a background in western and chinese medicine as well as homeopathy and nutrition. I’m also an intuitive, a label I rejected for a long time. I’ve always been hypersensitive. In my thirties I decided to enroll into a training that enabled me to use my senses in a hyper focused way. The way to get there – trusting my intuition. My life changed radically when I started following my own inner guiding light. I left hospital work for good and created a life on my own terms. Relationships changed for the better, no pretending anymore. Overall I made better and more aligned decisions that reflected the person who I had become. For eight years now I lead workshops in Germany and help people to trust their gut again.



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