Are your Emotions and Food Choices Connected?

I fell in love with anything food and nutrition many, many years ago. I became fascinated about why we are drawn to certain types of food, how those foods affect our bodies and our brains, and if there is a way to change that.

In my research, what I found most interesting are the relationship between our psyches and our bodies. For example, most of us know a lot of people use food to comfort themselves during emotional problems. For emotional eaters, food becomes a substitute for love and belonging. Or, they use food as a way to punish themselves. Some emotional eaters overeat to subconsciously ensure that their insides and outsides match.

People have a tendency to strive for an equilibrium between mind and body. Otherwise they feel disconnected.

A friend of mine realized recently that every time she reached for chocolate and junk food, she began feeling inner turmoil. It was as if her body tried to adjust her feelings to the her nutritional food choices.

She recalled one situation when she immediately turned to chips after a fight with her husband. That was her the “light bulb moment.”

The next time you find yourself reaching for candy, soft drinks or other junk food, pause and notice your emotional state. Check out your feelings and see if your longing for junk food is triggered by your emotions.

What I found in my work is that I cannot tell a my patients about this connection and expect them to change. They must examine their choices and see the patterns form themselves.

That’s when changing bad habits truly begins.

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