Are you stuck running on empty?

I love to sit back and just observe people. To me, this is even more interesting than watching a movie.

I watch for patterns to emerge in their behavior. I try to understand them, “get” them. Often I don’t or I’m totally surprised what people continue to do to themselves.

What bothers me most is how badly we can treat ourselves. We abuse our bodies on a daily basis, and then think it won’t matter, expecting to carry on and perform at our best.

If your body is running on empty that’s just not possible. There is no way to support a full and happy life with adrenalin and junk.

Does this sound familiar: We get up in the morning looking for our first caffeine jolt? We think we can’t make it through the day without it. From there we move on and jump straight into reaction mode. Who has time for consciousness, meditation or breathing?

But these are the things that save us: awareness.

There’s this quote from Brene Brown “Once you see, you can’t unsee it.” Truth.

We are much better off creating a structure that supports, rather than drains, our reserves. And yes, sometimes that means going to bed early because your body is bone-deep tired, or skipping the sugar because you’re already wired enough.

What if you lack the awareness or discipline to put a supportive structure in place? Or you really don’t want to because you think it will cramp your style and you might miss out on the good stuff!

Let me tell you: when you’re running on empty, you can’t recognize what’s good or bad for you. It all becomes a blurry mess. You won’t notice if you’re on sensory overload. And at that point, you really are missing out on the good stuff!

So here’s the first step. I want to invite you to start with One Thing. Everyone can do that. It doesn’t matter if you cut out soda, wheat, tv or complaining. Start somewhere. Anywhere. And then let your brain and body notice, give you feedback and show you more and more possibilities for change.

Don’t rush it. And be gentle. Slow and steady trumps trying to be perfect every time.

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  • Skye

    It works. Being out in nature and sitting quietly really does make the time and space opportunity for the brain, body, spirit, & soul to shift into a healthier position…just to be able to recognize there are other options than the suffocating vain life we find ourselves knitted into. It’s something I have come to distinctly crave where it used to be just a distant hope. When Tiny writes, “Truth” I echo “and why settle for anything less? That which resonates as truth really is out there, and it will connect to inside of you. When it does, you will have unlocked the door to the most real moments and feelings that exist. It is worth it. If anyone is teetering out there on the brink of ‘wish I would have’ or ‘maybe I could’, here’s your confirmation. Within the next 48 hours settle yourself in somewhere safely where nature stands absent of the hands of man and take your preconstructed filter off. Watch, listen, smell, and sense on your skin how the created world exists independent of us but also fully for us.

    • Dr. Tiny Jaentsch

      Yes. Yes. Yes.

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