Are you in Hormone Hell?

“I feel so depressed. I don’t get anything done. I’m breaking in a sweat without warning. It’s disgusting.”

She sat there in front of me, clearly at the end of her rope.

When I asked her if she had been on birth control pills, she told me yes.

Her OB/GYN had taken her off them, and without warning her body plunged into menopause.

Life was definitely easier for her before, when she was on the pill. But what bothered her most was her productivity. She felt tired all the time.

She had every right to feel that way, considering the amount of work she did while also taking care of sick family members.

She was a strong woman, and what she couldn’t deal with was feeling vulnerable.

I see the same pattern with younger women who want to go off the pill to get pregnant. The result is that they get in touch with their feelings and they don’t like it one bit.

The thing that no one talks about is how birth control pills affect your emotional world.

When you are on the pill, your emotions become flat. Ups and downs go away. You feel even-tempered all the time. Productive. The price you pay is your inner world. Your womanhood.

Imagine your hormonal system is like a very fine-tuned machine. The machine is able to work at a seconds notice and stop in the same time.

Then you introduce something that looks like part of the machine and it takes over. It tells the rest of the components how to work. Your own hormones go to sleep. In other words, your body becomes dependent on the fake.

It’s like flying high all the time. This is not normal.

I’m not totally against the pill, but I believe there are better methods without the side effects. And very often doctors prescribe the pill to deal with skin problems or to regulate the female cycle. Please. There is a reason why the woman’s cycle is the way it is, or why her skin is breaking out.

By making a woman’s symptoms disappear, the underlying problem doesn’t get solved. That’s the real issue.

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