Aidan Wachter: About jewelry and devotion

aidan2 - 1Aidan and I met through his jewelry. Jewelry that is made the ‘old’ way – with love, sweat, and care. The jewelry I have from Aidan is a talisman that reminds me of me.

Aidan’s work is anchored in right relationships with himself, his art and his shop fairies. Meaning – if there is no supporting vibe, there is no art to be done that day.

I see this as true devotion. Every day Aidan asks himself is he has what he truly needs to be creative. What if we asked ourselves the same?

What are you willing to do or let go off in order to do your best work? How do you stay true to yourself? What are your ingredients for being yourself? What do you really, really need?

Like many of us, there was a moment when Aidan felt there was something missing from his life. A nagging sense of incompleteness, even loss, lead to move after move after move until he found his home (in both the literal and metaphorical sense) on a farm. Things he thought were important faded away and he opened up to simplicity as his new normal.

A friend from San Francisco asked him how often he could hear sirens. “Never,” he answered. Country life strips your life down to the bare essentials. What am I here for? And do I live in way that supports me on the deepest level? A question that arises again and again. The answers are different from day to day except for the red thread – devotion to the work – weaving its way through everything.

You can find Aidan here and here

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