Hi, Lovelies,

My name is Dr. Tiny (sounds like “teeny”) Jaentsch. I am a physician and spiritual mentor based in Germany. Nothing lights me up more than to watch THE REAL YOU shine.

Maybe you’ve hoped in the past that with a simple surgery or medication, you’d feel whole again – even though you sensed that scalpels and pills alone were not the prescription to your healing.

What would it feel like to heal, feel, and be you – the real you?

It turns out that I am trained to help you heal – beyond scalpels and pills (although I know how to apply those quite well).

Since I am trained as an oral facial reconstructive surgeon, homeopath, and Chinese Medical practitioner, I naturally combine conventional and alternative medicine to help you heal and be really you inside and outside.

This is my digital home where you’ll find writings about body-emotion relationships, information about food and digestive health, plus hands-on exercises that help you look behind your symptoms and glimpse your soul-at-work.

Coming Back to My Senses As a Healer

My senses have guided me for much of my life. Tagged “hypersensitive,“ I remember the smell of freshly baked bread in a friend’s bakery as a child and the taste of wild strawberries on my tongue.

At twelve I knew I wanted to be a healer, but into teenage-hood and young adulthood I lost my footing. Academia built my intellect and rationality instead of my sensuousness. At first I wanted to become a neurosurgeon. Restless halfway through residency, I craved something more. I couldn’t put my finger on it. I went through  a bit of neuropathology, anaesthesia and a lot of dentistry training until I finally became a successful oral facial reconstructive surgeon.

Yes, I can handle a scalpel like a violin bow to rebuild someone’s face damaged by injuries or neck or head or mouth cancer. It’s rewarding work, but that work alone left me wanting.

My restlessness led me to gain training in Traditional Chinese Medicine and homeopathy. The methodologies of Chinese Medicine demanded I come back to my senses and couple them with my rational Western training.

The day I invited my senses back into my life a silent revolution began inside.

A patient with excruciating facial pain came to me. 46 years old, she had one tooth left. Her dentist pulled her other teeth because he thought they caused her facial pain. They weren’t the cause. My patient was adamant she didn’t want to take medication, and there was no surgical option available. No scalpel. No pills. What were her options?

I developed a healing regimen consisting of self-awareness exercises, breath work, nutritional changes, and lots of rest. After nine months, the time it takes to gestate as a human being, her pain was gone – completely. She came back to her senses.

For 13 years, I have rigorously pursued this one tenet:

Mastering your senses and emotions is a gateway to healing gut maladies, alleviating physical pain, and feeling again like THE REAL YOU.

That’s what I aim to live by every day. And it’s what I invite you to live with me.


The Facts
1992-1998 Medical School
1998-2001 Residency Neurosurgery
2001-2006 Residency Anesthesia
2002-2006 Dentistry School
2007-2011 Residency Oral Facial Reconstructive Surgery, Certification and Licensing
2003-2006 Chinese Medicine and Nutrition
2012-2014 Homeopathy
2012 Private Practice and Online Health Coaching

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