A Promise that heals

She came to me for business advice, knowing I’m a physician and not exactly equipped to help her.

I believe everything we encounter in our lives is a mirror to our inner lives. In her case: She was busy all the time and was getting nowhere with her business. She was deflecting the flow of her energy away from herself.

Later on, when I worked with her intuitively, I could see that she spent all her power in a personal relationship. No wonder there was nothing left.

Healing on a deep level means creating peace in your life, peace in your relationships.

Most of us think we live peacefully until we discover that peace is fragile.

Sometimes it feels as if living peacefully depends on us carrying a load that’s not ours. I’ve witnessed this many, many times.

Often, we do this on an unconscious level. We live for our partner, our children, our parents …

The truth is: They have their own responsibilities that are not are not ours to carry.

Scary, I know.

You CAN’T actively make anyone feel better. You can guide them; you can help them to get up after a fall, but you CAN’T do any soul work for them.

Yet, we often believe or wish we can.

The truth is that we are responsible for ourselves, for the expressions of our souls, for our love of ourselves. That’s it.

When you love yourself truly, you start to relax, your energy is radiant and you move into a place of possibility. You move into peace.

It all starts with a promise, a ritual. Light a candle. Take a deep breath and center yourself. Then, you must make a promise to yourself to honor your well being.

Promise yourself to put YOU first.

This promise acts as filter. Suddenly, you will see where you let yourself down. And you can decide to do better.

This is not easy, and it’s not pain free in the beginning.

But it’s worth it. You are worth it.

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