A good diet is no health insurance

Why are we so obsessed with diet? Why do we think we can fix our health issues with diet alone? Healing happens on different levels. Our body is only one of them.

Let’s be clear here: DIET IS IMPORTANT.

But a good diet is no surefire way for prevention. Maybe it’s the most tangible one. You can touch and smell and taste what goes in.

What about your mind? Do you have a routine to nourish your mind and feed your soul? They need your attention too.

It’s easy. Just start slow. Start with a short meditation every day. Set a timer for five minutes. Count your breath from one to ten, again and again. Consistency is key. With time you build focus and clarity in your life.

Why is that? These short periods work as a container. I know, you are supposed to not think in meditation. Thoughts will come up anyway. What happens is, you become detached from your thoughts. Your perspective changes from inside your thoughts to above or beside your thoughts. Don’t believe it? Try.

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